Honestly, last week for me was hectic and I forgot to post AND write down much. I am just going to sum up my results and get back to posting during my round 2 of PTF.

I am happy to say that in the month of April, I am down 3 inches (total) and down 9.7 pounds. I had many ups and downs, some cheat days (or cheat weekends rather) but it really showed me what can be done with great nutrition and exercising.

Things I would like to improve on in May:
-keep up with exercising
-incorporate more weights
-add more protein to the diet
-try a new exercise class
-try to lose 6 lbs during the month (stretch goal would be 8 lbs during the month which would equal 2 pounds a week)
-focus more on the way my clothes fit than the number on the scale
-more sleep
-more consistency

Monthly Win:

-I had joined a 6 month transformer game with DietBet, did well the first month and dropped the ball in February and March but crushed April’s goal! I hope to keep it up for May and June!