Oh. My. Gosh.

What the hell is the matter with me? As if the last two days of crap being put into my body, why couldn’t I just say no today?

I was doing alright until I met up with my ex. Not only was the relationship toxic but so was what we were putting into our bodies the entire time. Why should this time have been different?

Well, it wasn’t. We had pasta, breadsticks, and loaded Nacho cheese fries… like.. a lot of it. What was worse was it did not even taste that great. It was like, I was eating it to avoid really dealing with the situation or saying much. I really wanted to just get out of there. Why didn’t I? Well, I was trying to be the bigger person, get our things from each other civilly, say goodbye and move on. I did not want to make it a big scene so I agreed to meet. Then I agreed to grab food and I swear we ate enough for a small army. The entire thing was uncomfortable and unnecessary and I feel kind of ashamed while typing but also proud to admit my wrong doing. I can see where I messed up and that I cannot keep doing this.

Tomorrow is a new day.