Again, I fell off the wagon hard. I did not take pictures and I avoided posting. I am now posting because I am back on track and upset by my setbacks but have told myself that this is how we learn from our mistakes.

I had leftover Chinese takeout. There were some Cold Sesame Noodles left and I didn’t want anymore of the Basil Chicken with rice. However, when a friend came over and said that they wanted to order Chinese takeout, I never told her that I had just had some the previous night.

I ordered 2 seaweed salads (they are small but salty) and a Crab Salad (small but think seafood salad- not the healthiest) and more Cold Sesame Noodles. We shared this so it wasn’t too bad but it still was a lot of sodium and really heavy… especially since I have been low carb.

When I think about what was ordered, it does not sound a lot but it adds up. We both felt bloated and sick because we put all of this crap in our bodies. I really regret not forcing myself to say no.