Day 12:

So, I didn’t take pictures of anything because today was supposed to be a CLEAR LIQUID FAST day. It quickly turned from consuming water and chicken broth to eating roasted nori (seaweed), a cup of cucumbers, and a bunch of tequila. (It was the holiday weekend and at the time, my mind told me- hey, its the silver one so its clear!) This was the biggest mistake of my life. DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL WHEN ON A LIMITED CALORIE DIET. I felt like complete crap.

-598/540 active calories
-97/30 active minutes
-11/12 stand hours

Day 13:

My family is kind of odd and decided to celebrate Easter a day early… at a Chinese Buffet. I was really worried about what I would consume but surprisingly, I did pretty well. I took a picture of my plate and I did not eat everything and yes, I am aware that I REALLY LOVE MUSHROOMS. LOL

-Sliced Cucumbers
-Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade

-Chicken + Mushrooms (no rice): SOOOOOO GOOD! Normally I would get battered and deep fried General Tso’s Chicken but I tried to make healthier choices and I did not regret it.
-(1) Pork Dumpling: I was really looking forward to these but they weren’t that good so I only had one. Not worth it.
-Teriyaki Chicken on a Stick: My brother put like 12 of these on his plate so I decided to try it… so good!
-Stuffed Mushrooms: always delicious
-Crabmeat Casserole: always tasty.

Dinner: (FAIL AGAIN)
-Hickory Tuna Pouch x2
-More Tequila

-373/540 active calories
-43/30 active minutes
-8/12 stand hours
-8,321 steps

Daily Reflection:
-I used to enjoy socially drinking. Now, not so much because I still over indulge. It doesn’t make me feel good and as you can see I don’t meet my exercise goals for the day. I am glad that I had this slip up/obstacle because it really opened up my eyes to areas that I can improve.