The following picture is everything that I consumed for the day. Scroll down for the descriptions!

-Cheddar Omelet with Maple Sausage and salsa: I made the unintentional mistake of ordering A LOT of cheddar omelets so these will be appearing a lot.
-Wasabi Soybeans

-Dillicious Chicken Breast with Salsa: I love this product! It is lightly breaded with a slight dill flavor. It is very moist and hits the spot.
-Mixed Vegetables: Carrots, Corn, Peas, Green beans, Lima beans, and Salt
-Carrot Sticks with Veggie Dip
-Cherry Coke Zero: MMMMM, CAFFEINE!

-Meatballs with Onions: my favorite meatballs from PTF!!
-Broccoli Florets
-Shirataki Noodles with Minced Garlic and Parmigiano Marinara
-Diet Coke
-Crystal Light Fruit Punch

-I was able to drink 7-16.9oz water bottles which equals 118.3 ounces of water!

-731/540 active calories
-68/30 active minutes
-15/12 stand hours
-17,542 steps

One Positive:
-The week is nearly over and I feel better, I have not cheated, and I am still loving the ease and convenience of this plan!