The following picture is everything that I consumed for the day. Scroll down for the descriptions! (Note: not pictured is the Gouda cheese stick)

-Cheddar Omelet with Chicken Sausage and salsa (had previously this week)
-Wasabi Soybeans

-Apple and Gouda Sausage: Very tasty but also very greasy, as is most sausage.
-Mixed Vegetables: Carrots, Corn, Peas, Green beans, Lima beans, and Salt
-Carrot sticks with veggie dip
-Crystal Light Fruit Punch
-Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade

-Rotisserie Chicken Breast: second time that I have had this during the week, still moist and enjoyable.
-Sicilian Blend: Green beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Red peppers, Yellow peppers, and Onions
-Green Beans with Mushrooms (canned): my absolute favorite!
-1/2 Gouda Cheese stick
-Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade

-I consumed 7-16.9oz water bottles which equals 118.3oz of water for the day.

-640/540 active calories
-37/30 active minutes
-14/12 stand hours
-15,345 steps

One Positive:
-It’s the weekend and usually it is my weakest time. I usually give in and have a “cheat” day which turns into a cheat weekend. This weekend, I have had none of those urges or cravings. I actually had to remind myself that I had not eaten dinner. One thing I did notice though is that I felt extremely tired today. I am unsure if that is my lack of caffeine due to no diet pop today, but I felt extremely sluggish.