The following picture is everything that I consumed for the day. Scroll down for descriptions!

-Frittata Omelet with Maple Sausage: always a winner, especially the maple sausage.
-Salsa (enhances the omelet)
-Diet Coke

-3oz Carrot Sticks
-2tbsp Veggie dip
-Wasabi Soybeans (30g)

-Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast: I enjoyed this menu item. When it says spicy, they mean it! It isn’t that bad but definitely packs a slight kick! The only downfall is that it is pretty high in carbs compared to other menu items!
-Venice Blend: Broccoli, Sugar snap peas, Asparagus, Red peppers, Yellow peppers, and Onions

-Butter Roasted Chicken Breast: I think I just received a bad piece. Although it was juicy, it was also tough, very crunchy, and had skin still on it. I am unsure if this was intentional. I have another piece for later in the month that I will compare it to. If it is the same as this piece, I am not sure that I will order it again.
-Cauliflower Florets
-Roasted Seaweed

-I was able to drink 7- 16.9oz water bottles which equals 118.3oz of water for the day.

-695/540 active calories
-63/30 active minutes
-13/12 stand hours

One Positive:
-I am feeling more energetic and I seem to be over the hump of constantly wanting sugars/alcohol/simple carbs. However, I have noticed a few negative aspects that I would like to touch on. For whatever reason, I am unable to fall asleep at night. Also, I know on this program it is based off of measurements and says not to step on a scale, but what can I say, I am a creature of habit and weigh myself. The scale isn’t moving and that is upsetting to me. However, I will press on.