So, it seems like a very long time ago that I first heard about the Personal Trainer Program. It worked well for me as long as I could stick with the program so I decided to give it another go.

I have some pretty big events/vacations/occasions that I want to look my best and be in the best shape for so I am more dedicated than ever. I actually have already completed the 48 hour clear liquid fast and am on Day 2 out of 28.

The fast, this time around, was quite easy for me. I enjoyed the broth, the water, and one diet pop a day. Yes, I felt a little sluggish. Yes, I started to get hangry, however, after overeating for so many years, I told myself that my body could stand to be without that much food for a mere 48 hours.

I want to take this slow and steady and not give up when the scale doesn’t reflect what I want to see. I want to focus on the positives and acknowledge that there are some occasions (such as holidays) where I will not keep to the program but I will need to practice self control. Afterall, this is a lifestyle change. If I have to depend on this program for the rest of my life without being able to make my own healthy choices when the program is not available, I feel like the knowledge and learning from the program will have be wasted.

Hope everyone is doing well! Good luck on any journey of your own!