So yesterday marked the 23rd day and you may have noticed that I have been missing… This is because I fell off the wagon… Hard. It’s been a hard lesson to swallow, I was doing so well and then had an epic cheat weekend. Trying to get back on track but I think I ruined the hard work that I’ve been trying to put in. 

Breakfast- Western omelet and maple sausage. 

Lunch- Capri blend with mesquite chicken.

Dinner- Green zucchini and green beans with a bit too much of the vegetable garlic sauce. 

Snacks- Pistachio, jalapeño string cheese, and Crystal light grape. 

I did drink a gallon yesterday and only got in 20,000 steps… I also didn’t do measurements seeing how this is the start of week 4… Because I am up 5 pounds! Ugh. Here’s to getting back on track.. Hopefully. So sad.