So, another week completed and the results are in… drumroll please. I LOST 4.1 pounds this week and 2.25 inches

I will admit that I was a little upset because I was hoping to be out of the 190s but I ended up being just over: 190.6. I also thought I would have lost a little more than 2.25 inches… then I reminded myself of these things:

  • I lost DOUBLE of what I set as my goal for the week.
  • Losing any inches is a feat.
  • It feels like I have been doing this for a long time but it has only been 16 days.
  • In 2 weeks, I have lost a total of 13 pounds and I believe 7.75 inches!

I am extremely proud of these results and I hope that I can at least lose 2 more pounds during week 3.

Goals that I have for the near future:

  • I have 52 days (about 7.5 weeks) until I leave for a long weekend in Seattle. I hope to be in the 170s by then… which would mean definitely losing 2 pounds a week from now until then.
  • I have 119 days (17 weeks) until I go to Harry Potter World and I hope to be in the 150s…
  • Father’s day is coming up and we are going for sushi… my goal is to choose a menu item that incorporates both vegetables and a protein and skip the rice… but I LOVE sushi… so I may just make it a goal of absolutely only ONE sushi roll. (This is  a weird goal but for me it is most definitely going to be an achievement if I can go out with my family and NOT splurge on multiple rolls of sushi.)
  • I hope to drop a size in clothing in the near future… I notice that some of my shirts are already hanging a bit looser, some of my pants are but the waist is still sitting the same.. so I hope to work on that as well!

**The journey is the reward.**