Ah, finally back on track! Today was actually a pretty good day and I am loving that this week is going to be a short work week! Again, this week my foods are the same as last week but I will also be including my June goals! I am excited and nervous to see which goals I reach (obviously I hope that I reach every goal that I set for myself!) 

Breakfast: Western omelet with breakfast sausage.

Lunch: Seasons veggie mix (cauliflower and broccoli and I think green beans) with fajita chicken strips. These strips are so tasty! Yum. 

Dinner: Rotisserie chicken with Italian green beans. 

Snacks: I had a raspberry ice and fruit punch crystal light as well as a cup of cucumbers and 1.5oz of low-sodium pistachios (so delicious)


With the goals that I have set for myself this month, and it being June 1st, I am going to start jotting down what I’ve done to achieve some of these goals:

  • I drank a gallon of water today! (So many trips to the bathroom- it got annoying but I guess when you drink all that water… Sorry TMI)
  • I prepped my snacks for the week ahead of time.
  • I have pre-packaged and pre- measured out food delivered to me every two weeks via Personal Trainer Food. 
  • Today, on to of getting in 22,000 steps, I did 100 kettleball swings (my form isn’t perfect so I am going to work on that) and 100 squats! 

Now I am tired, goodnight all!