Yesterday was a crazy day back to work for me. I only got around to posting about the day before and so here I am, posting another one a day late, but better late than never!

Breakfast: Western Omelet with Maple Sausage. **this is a fav.**

Lunch: Teriyaki Chicken with Capri Blend vegetables. **also a fav.**

Dinner: Green Onion Sausage with Italian Blend vegetables. **since my order comes every two weeks, I updated my list of items and the Green Onion Sausage (the greasiest out of the three that I tried) was taken off of my list.**

Snacks: 1 cup of cucumbers and a Jalapeno Cheese Stick **this is my favorite cheese stick… just saying.

**Again, nothing is getting monotonous to me yet, I still enjoy my foods and feel full. I am happy to say that yesterday I surpassed my step goal (not PTF’s step goal) by almost double and I had just under a gallon of water. WOOHOO