So, yesterday was Day 9 for me and it was by far my hardest day. It was day 7 of eating and it was challenging with the family barbecue… There was so much good food to be eaten and I thought I could handle it without bringing my pre-packaged food. I knew I wasn’t going to have any snacks throughout the day because grazing for me puts many calories into my body so I planned on having either double protein or a protein and a vegetable… There were ZERO vegetables. *sigh* 

Breakfast: I had the Frittata omelet with breakfast sausage which, again, was seriously good. I really enjoy this omelet! 

Lunch: I ended up having a Teriyaki Veggie Burger and a regular burger (both bunless, no toppings) and a two-bite portion of both macaroni and potato salad, and a little fried rice. While EVERYONE else had both cheesecake bites and ice cream cake, I indulged in ONE cheesecake bite. (It was not worth the 73 calories…) MAJOR FAIL. 

Dinner: I went back to the PTF food with the Venice Blend veggies (broccoli, sugar snap peas, asparagus, red peppers, yellow peppers, onions) and the Cranberry and Cognac Sausage which was surprisingly delicious! 

**Weigh-in day will tell me how well I did and I hope this setback will not put me back 4 days like PTF stated cheat days will do! **