I am posting a day late… Whoops. 

Breakfast: I had the Frittata omelet and maple sausage. This has to be my new favorite breakfast from PTF. The frittata omelet has onion, cheddar, ham, and green/red peppers! Such a great combination! 

Lunch: The Oriental Stir Fry vegetables were also a favorite. They consisted of green beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, onions, water chestnuts, and red peppers. Yum! I paired this set of veggies with the savory chicken strips which were just what I expected from the name. I loved them and I think they would be great on a salad so I might try that the next time. 

Dinner: Dinner consisted of yellow squash and the mesquite chicken which was a nice coupling. I did not notice too much flavoring to the mesquite chicken but it was a delicious, plain chicken breast to me! 

Snacks: I had a few crystal light packets as well as a cup of cucumbers and a Caprese salad! Yum! 

**I am super nervous for weigh- in day, which is Monday especially with Memoria Day festivities but hopefully the results will be great!**