So, I forgot to post last night about my 5th day on this program. This was day 3 of eating and everything was still just as tasty as before, however, I did encounter one semi-concerning issue. By the time dinner rolled around, I was not feeling hungry. In fact, my stomach felt quite full. When I reached out to customer service, they had told me that it would be okay to skip meals if I was not hungry. Why does this concern me? I would have only consumed around 550 calories and they told me to do this as many times as need be if I wasn’t hungry. Now, I am looking to make this a lifestyle change and as someone who has battled with eating disorders before, I know that skipping meals and such is not going to leave me with long term success. I have scheduled with the doctor to see what could be going on but I have forced myself to eat the three meals a day. 

Now onto the food!

Breakfast: Again, I had the western omelet but this time with the breakfast sausage. I am partial to the maple sausage but the breakfast sausage was definitely delicious as well. 

Lunch: I had the seasons mix which was a mixture of cauliflower and broccoli I believe. Being a lover of both of these vegetables, I really enjoyed the mixture. My protein was rotisserie chicken which was a nice portion that was juicy and the flavor was on point! 

Dinner: Italian green beans with fajita chicken strips. They say that these are to be put on salad but I was feeling lazy and honestly, this was the point where my stomach was so full that I didn’t even feel like eating. They were really good and would be even better on a salad! I did use the PTF Garlic Herb Sauce on the beans! 

Snacks: I had cucumbers and Caprese salad. Always will be easy and delicious in my eyes. 

**I am still loving the convenience, great taste, and low carb/sugar content that I am consuming! I cannot wait to see what weigh in day shows**