Another successful day! I am determined to stay on this diet until it becomes an actual lifestyle change for me. I was very proud of myself both yesterday and today when my coworker decided to order Jimmy Johns and then pizza for each day’s lunch. This system actually makes it easy for me to say no to indulgences. (Someone had asked me if I was being paid to write this and the short answer is no. I am doing this out of my own free will because I believe that my experiences will never be exactly the same as mine and everyone can learn from others or at least take something away.) Now on to the food! It was all different today.

Breakfast: Today I had the western omelet with maple sausage. Again, the maple sausage was so delicious. The omelet- OMG! Some ham and I believe red peppers were in there. So delicious.

Snacks: Again, I had 1.5oz of unsalted pistachios as well as 1 cup of cucumbers. (I only had these two snacks today and felt satisfied!)

Lunch: Today I decided to try the teriyaki chicken with the Capri blend veggies. The teriyaki chicken was so juicy and tender (I was a little skeptical yesterday with how moist these pieces of meat would be but found that if cooked separately from the veggies, they turn out much better- so a little FYI to anyone who is experiencing a bit dry of proteins). The portion is actually a great size, I was actually surprised. The Capri blend had carrots, yellow squash, green zucchini, and green beans I believe and tasted great. I loved the different colors it brought to the meal.

Dinner: The dinner star was the Green Onion Sausage. Man do they give you a good sized piece of sausage. Being someone who rarely eats these types of sausages, I found the taste to be quite awesome, however, for me it was a little on the greasy side. I gave some to my brother (who loves sausage) and he said it tasted amazing and exactly how sausage is supposed to taste! As I said before, flavor was great but I probably will not order it for myself again. For the vegetable portion it was the Italian blend which was carrots, Italian green beans, cauliflower, and zucchini. I tried the garlic sauce that PTF sends and it was great! The mixture of veggies really went well together!

**All in all, I really enjoyed another day of all different foods from PTF!**