So, I received my order from Personal Trainer Food on Thursday. Why did I wait until Saturday to start my 48 hour clear liquid fast? Well, because I had made plans for Friday before even considering ordering the PTF food program. 

To my pleasant surprise, most of the day I have been fine with just water, flavored water, broth, and one Diet Coke. Now that it is dinner time, I am kind of starting to get hungry and desperately want to sink my teeth into a burger or some pizza (as I’ve said before: convenience is a big thing in my life so being able to grab a burger in a drive thru or having a pizza delivered was ideal) but I am adamant about getting through these 48 hours. 

It is nearly halfway through 2016 and I haven’t made nearly enough of my goals thus far so that is driving me to stick with this program! 

Today I have had water, flavored water using crystal light (I made sure it was okay, 10 calories for a 16.9 oz bottle with 0 sugars) and my favorites are the grape flavor and the raspberry one! I have also had 2 cups of fat- free, low sodium chicken broth. 

I have been trying to keep busy so I don’t really think about the fact that I haven’t had the foods that I normally would have. Thank god I started this on a day where I didn’t have to work!