So, I was originally planning on cooking my own food by using an app that actually creates your menu for you. I then asked myself what my biggest obstacle was in the past: convenience and variety. Before, I used to meal prep and it would go well for a couple of weeks but then I would get bored after a while (I would make a lot of the same food out of laziness and price when bought in bulk). When the Nutrisystem program was not screwing me over, it actually worked well for me. The convenience of having pre-packaged, pre-measured out foods with a lot of variety, I actually would stick to a lot better.
After careful contemplation, I decided to actually start my journey using the Personal Trainer Food Program. I have realized more than ever that convenience is a big reason why I find myself ordering takeout even when I meal prep. I think having food ready and shipped to me will be much more convenient in my life and ease me into transitioning to eating better foods and such.
To be completely honest, I am really excited about starting this program. I have heard great things about Personal Trainer Food and opted to start with ordering for two weeks. I am doing the 3 meals a day program but I think that if I find that I enjoy the program enough, I may change to the Rev program that is geared toward women. I ordered my food on friday and it is coming tomorrow. My main concern at this point: the 24-48 hours of only a clear liquid diet. Any tips or advice? Also, I know that it is said to walk 20 minutes a day on the program, is this in fact all that you did for exercise while on the program?