Day 4

Like yesterday, I am not posting any food pictures because they were the same as Day 2! Today was the end of my work week and I got out early so I actually came straight home and had to get my workout in! I was impressed that I even came home and did anything because I was so looking forward to taking a nap!

I actually had 2 different snacks today as well. I had 20 pistachios and a shake. Now most people that I know who are on this program use Shakeology, however, because of allergies and such, my doctor actually turned me on to a different type of shake. Not only is it delicious, but no side effects for me! I put the shake powder in, chia seeds, spinach, nonfat yogurt, water, and strawberries. Man did this hit the spot after the pilates fix today!

Speaking of the ‘Pilates Fix’ I was a little bummed that I did not burn as many calories. A lot of the moves were new to me and I had to rest a lot more often! Pilates is no joke! Some of those moves absolutely killed! My whole body was shaking.

Now I am a bit concerned about tomorrow. I have a work party at 4:00pm and I am worried about straying from my containers and diet. I know it is all about self control and portions but I am not confident in my abilities to make the proper choices and saying no quite yet. Of course I am going to go into there telling myself that I am going to be good and not go overboard so hopefully positive thinking does the trick! How do you stay motivated? What are your tricks up your sleeve regarding willpower? I could really use all the advice that I can get!