Day 3

Again, I am posting late. I ate the same as I did on Monday and I stuck to the containers! I think that it has really helped that I meal prepped and changed up the recipes because that way there is usually something different! My water intake was a bit better but I still was 1 cup short of meeting my quota.

Today was also different because I forgot my snacks at home and actually had another “meal” that seems like I may have gone over my containers, but I did not. I had a turkey burger with tomatoes on a tortilla and it was great!


Today was ‘Lower Fix’ day and it was intense! These workouts may only be 30 minutes but they are no joke! Again, I had to modify a few of the exercises but I am pretty excited to see where I am at by the end of these 21 days! All in all, I feel like today was a win!

  **I also bought some new clothes! They were on super sale from a site that I enjoy buying from! I bought some sizes that I fit in and some that I have to motivate me to get to that size! Now I have some clothes to motivate me to keep trucking on this journey!