Day 1

So, I am writing this a little late… last night was an emotionally/mentally draining day and therefore, I fell asleep extremely early. I took my beginning progress pictures… they are not pretty…

image3 (1).JPG

ugh. This picture is so embarrassing to take. I hate it so much. But hey! I need to see these things if I want to change! The Next picture I took is of my weight and measurements. Up 2 weeks ago… ugh.

Now that we got the hard part out of the way, here is a breakdown of what I ate:

  • Breakfast:
    • 2 Hard boiled eggs (1 red)
    • Oatmeal with cinnamon (1 yellow)
    • Apple (1 purple)

image5 (1)
(sorry, the eggs didn’t want to come out of their shells!)

  • Morning Snack:
    • Cucumber salad made with vinegar and dill/parsley/garlic (1 green)

image4 (1)
(yum! I love cucumbers!)

  • Lunch:
    • Chicken made with olive oil and spices (1 red and 1 gray)
    • Quinoa (1 yellow)
    • Squash (1 green)

image3 (2)

  • Dinner:
    • Tofu made with olive oil (1 red and 1 gray)
    • Brown Rice (1 Yellow)
    • Mixed vegetable stir- fry (1 green)

image2 (1)


Today I completed the ‘Total Body Cardio Fix’ and really tried my hardest. Unfortunately, some of the exercises I had to complete by doing the modified version but it is just another goal for me to try and get to on my journey!

image1 (1)

All in all, by the end of the day, I felt pretty good about the diet and exercise plan. I was dealing with a lot of things emotionally so I was super tired but I still got everything done! 1 day down, 20 more to go!